E.D.E.N. Urban Farm

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E.D.E.N. Garden (Church - 1245 Culver Rd.)

        Garden Captain: Mary Estey

20 raised beds, pollinator perineal garden, in 2017 we started a few fruit shrubs and trees (blue berries, a semi-dwarf fourth of July peach tree, and a dwarf sweet cherry tree). Special thanks to First Baptist Church of Allen's Creek Rd. for their financial assistance. E.D.E.N. I is cared for weekly by clients of Starbridge. 

E.D.E.N. North (Northside of Church - Wheelchair Accessible)

In 2017 Teen Interns from RochesterWorks and teens from the Episcopal Diocese's summer Missionpoloza under the leadership of our 2017 AmeriCorp Member created a beautiful herb and vegetable garden. It was transformed from a eyesore of overgrown bushes and scrub trees to an inviting area. Throughout the summer this garden is tended by clients of Heritage Christian Services. 

E.D.E.N. - Merchants (622 Merchants Rd)

         Garden Captain: Melanie Popick, Master Gardner

16 raised beds, a shed built by residence of St. Joseph Villa of Hope, landscaping done by Brocollo Landscaping, and a picnic table placed by NeighborWorks Rochester and the City of Rochester for our neighbors. Merchants is home to a compost areas. 

E.D.E.N. - East Main (1403 E. Main St.)

         Garden Captain: Nick Greco

E.D.E.N. - E. Main St. is our experimental garden+. It is home to our new 45'x10' hoop house, which will extend our growing season. Special thanks to the Stewardship of Creation Group of the Episcopal Church for financing the hoop house). There are bee hives, a small fruit orchard and a movable bread oven, 

E.D.E.N. - Children's Garden on Rosewood (408 Rosewood Terr.)

        Garden Captain: Sophia McRae

E.D.E.N. - Rosewood began in 2017 with the help of volunteers on the United Way Day of Caring. With a 2020 grant from Rochester Garden Club and a partnership with EQUICENTER, Inc., this garden is transformed into a multi-sensory Children's Garden. Based on the principles of horticultural therapy, this garden is a safe and natural space for play and learning in the neighborhood. 

E.D.E.N. - Parsells (336 Parsells Avenue)

Garden Captain: The Rev. Mike Finn

This garden was adopted in 2018. We installed several raised beds as part of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester's Missionpooloza. This garden also has bee hives - our pollinator friends!

E.D.E.N. - Denver Training Garden (Hazelwood Terrace & Denver St)

Garden Captains: Aisha & Allison

As our only double lot site, this garden is our largest to date. There are nine forty-two foot rows that bring an urban farm to Denver Street. The garden serves as a training center for our SOOP (Summer Youth Opportunity Employment Program) interns. This program runs in July & August from 12:30pm-5:30pm Monday to Friday. Students are selected and assigned through the City. 

In 2020, a healing herb labyrinth was installed with a bird bath, picnic tables, and benches, to cultivate a space for rest and reflection in our neighborhood.

E.D.E.N. - 1199 (1199 Culver Rd) 

Garden Captains: Deb Snyder and Cath Johnson

This lot is just south of the church on Culver Road, where our 2018 SOOP interns installed several raised beds. A new shed was installed in 2018 along with a bench and compost area. 

FARM MARKET (Saturdays in July-September, 9:30am-12:30pm)


Harvesting Farm 8:30am

Prepping veggies for Farm Market


EDEN Farm Coordinator   Deacon Mike Finn


Our fresh produce is sold at low prices at our Saturday Farm Stand that operates July through September in front of the church. 

Excess produce is donated to a number of partners including Jennifer House, Bethany House, Sister Regis food bank, and House of Mercy.

EDEN Garden Map.jpg

2020 Gardening times  (COMING THIS SPRING)


Monday @ 6pm-7pm

Parsells/ Denver

tuesdays 10am-11am


1199 Culver

Tuesdays @ 5:30pm


e. main st.

Wednesday@ 7pm

Church (1245 Culver)

thursday 10am-12pm


Denver training garden