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The AmeriCorps internships hosted here at SMSJ range from 10 weeks to a full year and are packed with learning opportunities and experiences.

Community-Based Fellowship

The SMSJ Community-Based Fellowship is a year-round position that provides an employment opportunity for individuals living within the Beechwood Neighborhood. This initiative consists of part-time work within the Episcopal Church and the surrounding EDEN Community Gardens

The Community-Based Fellowship is a paid position in which participants work as groundskeepers within the church and E.D.E.N. gardens. This position is part-time for fifteen hours a week during the gardening season, and for a few hours a week during the winter months. In addition to earning wages, the fellow will have the opportunity to receive professional development opportunities and mentorships from church staff and engaged community members. 


AmeriCorps Vista


Rochester Youth Year

Rochester Youth Year engages and empowers local graduates to strengthen the capacity of community organizations in an effort to alleviate the effects of poverty for Rochester youth and families. As a third-year participant in the Rochester Youth Year program, St. Mark's and St. John's is focusing on increasing organizational capacity as we grow the E.D.E.N. Community with the goal to be better positioned to support and serve our underserved neighbors. 

Rochester Urban Fellow

Rochester Urban Fellows is a 10-week summer program that engages local undergraduates in 300-hour fellowships with community organizations, faculty and community-led urban issue dialogues, and community events. Students serve with local community organizations for approximately 30 hours per week to create, expand, or support a number of different initiatives. Our most recent Urban Fellow created and implemented a variety of internal systems and processes around volunteers and donor engagement while also assisting the Rochester Youth Year fellow in program development for the E.D.E.N. Community Center.

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