You Are Welcome!

Garden Healing Service

I’m excited to invite you and your family to come visit us. 


We are a creative, out-of-the-box community that puts our faith into action every day. New participants often tell me that they didn’t realize how much they needed a vibrant place to connect with God and each other in their lives until after they experience it.


I guarantee the same is true for you. This is a place that literally changes lives by sharing God’s love. Our tagline says it all “be real, be loved, be changed".

—Pastor Cindy

Worship With Us:

Our worship helps us build healthy, loving, mature relationships with one another. It gives the community the will and the energy to develop and sustain neighborhood-based ministries that make a difference in our lives and the lives of those surrounding the church. 

St. Mark’s and St. John’s comes together to worship regularly on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. At the early service (Sunday, 8:30am), a small group gathers to hear the word of God, see images of God’s amazing world, reflect on a sermon that connects to our lives today and share a sacred meal.

At our second Sunday service (10:00 am) we add live music and singing.  On Thursdays, you’ll find a group gathered outside in the garden or in the chapel when it’s cold praying healing prayers and sharing communion.

SMSJ offers a special healing service each week on Thursdays at 5:30 pm for those who are grieving, experiences loss, or just need to feel the love of God as they navigate every day life. At Christmas, a special Blue Christmas service is offered for those who are grieving.